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is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan institution for policy research, education, and economic development. The focus of the Institute is to advance a better understanding of the impact of the new economy and new ways of working on organizations and communities alike.

La Jolla Institute research and activities are designed to educate government, business, civic, and educational institutions on the unique opportunities and challenges of the information age.

The goal of the Institute is to create a dynamic dialog and impact the thinking among leaders for the next century.


The Institute believes there are two driving forces that are fundamentally changing the character of organizations and communities:

The New Economy

The structural changes driving the New Economy -- knowledge based, networked and global -- have laid the groundwork for future economic competitiveness. Those waiting for a cyclical recovery have been severely disappointed as an information-based New Economy has replaced the industrial era. The scope of this restructuring is as great, if not greater, than any of the historical economic cycles or transitions ever experienced.

New Ways of Working

The relationship between work and the workplace is being redefined -- virtual (flexible relationships), distributed yet connected, with simultaneous pressures on effectiveness and cost control. Paramount to the economic realities driving changes in the workplace, and consequently the evolving workplace, are new opportunities and challenges found in managing new organizations and new organizational relationships.

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The La Jolla Institute welcomes those who wish to join in:

Advancing critical thinking and understanding about the new economy and new ways of working;

Supplying business, government and educational leaders with strategic information and insight;

Developing innovative economic development strategies that will lead to high performance organizations and communities;

Expanding the public and private sector's understanding and knowledge about the relationships and linkages found within the new economy and new ways of working;

Providing a forum for business and civic leaders to address regional, national and global issues impacting the new economy.