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Robert Wolf

Robert A. Wolf has been a driving force in business, government and politics in Riverside County and Inland Southern California for more than 35 years.

As Germania Corporation’s president emeritus, Mr. Wolf continues to use the knowledge and experience gained through the decades to help many of the company’s clients work through their most complicated development and transportation challenges.

Mr. Wolf is a recognized expert in the fields of property development, transportation planning, and infrastructure development. Starting at Germania Construction in 1970, he has helped to develop the Inland area’s economy and raise the region’s profile around Southern California and the state.

Mr. Wolf expanded and diversified Germania after assuming control of the company in 1984 upon the passing of his father-in-law, company founder Hans Kirschsieper. He and his wife, Helga Wolf, recently passed control of the company on to their son and son-in-law, but remain very active in charting the company’s future growth.

Long an advocate for the region’s transportation system, Mr. Wolf served the State of California as Undersecretary of Business, Transportation and Housing under Gov. Pete Wilson. Mr. Wolf also is a past chairman of the California Transportation Commission, the statewide body that allocates much of California’s transportation dollars. Through this service, and his own business dealings, Mr. Wolf has developed a comprehensive understanding of how transportation funding works in California.

Mr. Wolf’s background in the real estate industry is extensive. He has been a principal in firms active in the financing, development, building and sales of real estate both domestically and internationally, with banking and venture relationships in Western Europe and Japan. He is a recognized expert in the fields of real estate development, infrastructure and financing.

In addition to obtaining his degree in Business Administration, Mr. Wolf has studied real estate law, development, financing, marketing, syndication, business law, group investment and construction. He has developed international financing, joint ventures and marketing programs. In the development arena, he has been a superintendent, project manager, project engineer, sales manager, broker and, finally, chief executive officer.

In addition to his service at the state government level, Mr. Wolf has been a Riverside County Planning Commissioner, vice-chairman of the Moreno Valley Planning Commission and a member of the County of Riverside Flood Control Commission for Zone Four. He is the author of How to Become a Developer, a step-by-step description of the development process written for people interested in entering the profession.

After years of living and working in Moreno Valley, California, Robert and Helga Wolf live in Riverside, where they are active and respected members of the community.

Robert Wolf
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